Take a good look
ever read a comic book kaia?

I can’t say that I have! 

I’m not what they call a morning person. In addition my hair is usually a rat’s nest when I wake up.

Please forgive my absence. We were running low on various supplies so a few others and myself are out on a emergency scavenge. Expect my return next week.

((Sorry guys! I’ve been at my grandparents house for a while for some art classes! I should be home by the weekend. See you guys then.))

((Sorry about the last post! Wrong Blog! DX))

((AHHHHH! I’m such an idiot! I was trying to delete the messages that I had already answered and some how I wasn’t paying attention I deleted them all!! D: 

So please fill the ask box backup!))

Just this once…

I don’t remember much of my childhood…


I remember it was a happier time